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How do we determine how much to order or reorder?

Launch Type:

  • Limited time presales or limited edition items are ordered close to the number of units sold to eliminate excess stock in our warehouse, while still offering a small amount of items for customer replacements.
  • Evergreen and most other launches are ordered with some excess to allow the product to continue selling between 3-6 months past the launch date.
Price Breaks:
  • Sometimes ordering 300 of a product instead of 250 makes sense if the price per unit goes down at the 300 mark! When it seems advantageous to pick up the additional pieces, we will hit higher quantity price breaks to have more stock on hand at a lower cost price.
Sales Data:
  • For preorders, we reference the amount of units sold in the presale period in determining how many total units to order. 
  • For reorders, we look at the initial amount of units ordered and sold in a period of time, as well as frequency of reorders in the past, if there were any.
  • We also reference a creator’s previous sales history, if available, to predict how many units might be best to keep the item in stock for 3-6 months.
  • To eliminate an excessive amount of expenses for creators recouping through sales, we will assess current or upcoming planned expenses in the order and reorder process. For example, it may be advantageous to hold back on reordering an older, slower selling product in favor of ordering a new product. This will better ensure a creator can recoup and get paid royalties much sooner.
Creator Input:
  • Creators being invoiced for the cost of their orders rather than recouping expenses can make more direct requests of how much product should be ordered. We will still make recommendations and talk through those quantities, but the creator’s preferences can be weighed more heavily if they are purchasing their stock.
  • Before placing orders, all creators have the ability to give feedback or ask questions about quantities ordered and potential expenses. If a creator thinks an item should be ordered in higher or lower quantities for any reason, that input is taken into consideration before any order is confirmed.
  • When reordering, we generally pull inventory and sales reports to determine when an item is up for reorder consideration. If a creator notices an item getting low in stock or would like to reorder in anticipation of a sales surge (maybe due to a new opportunity or event), we encourage them to reach out to get reorders started!