The Self-Service Creator Hub team is on vacation from 5/23/24 to 5/29/24. Please note that any submissions during this time will be processed starting on 5/30/24.

For urgent inquiries, please email Dave Loos at

Creator Page on DFTBA:

If your merch resides on, you will be able to access your merch collection through the Creators page in the navigation. 

Creator Bubble: Please provide us with a square image (1000px by 1000px) to use as your profile picture on the creator page. This will show up as a circle. 

When you click on your creator bubble, you will be brought to your creator page. From here, you can customize your banner picture, your bio and your social links. 
  • Banner Photo: Please provide a rectangular photo with the dimensions 1300px by 875px. 
  • Bio: Your bio should be 2-3 sentences describing your brand. 
  • Social Links: Provide us any links you would like customers to see and be able to access.

If you would like further customization then what is available on the DFTBA site, you are also able to add the merch to your own store via a Buy Button.


The merch will then be accessible through your own store but customers will still checkout through Learn more here.

Customizing Product Placements: 

If you choose, there are a couple of different ways you can bundle products together to have them displayed together on the page. 

  • Bundle and Save: If you have any products that you would like to market together by bundling and offering a discount this is possible. 

  • Frequently Bought Together: We will create these product suggestions, however, if you have any products you specifically want displayed under a product, please let us know and we are happy to do that.